Frequently Asked Questions

To register with Tattoo Safe Register (TSR), you would need to purchase a course from Us. Courses can be found in the “Our Courses” section of the website, located in the Menu.
To purchase a course, simply go to the courses section of the website, found on the Menu under “Our Courses”. Click on the course you are interested in, and then add it to cart.

A notification of adding the course to the cart will then be visible, click on the “View Cart” Button and follow the isntructions to Checkout.

You can find your courses by logging in using your email and the password you set at checkout. You would then hover over your name on the top right, and click on “My Courses” or “Dashboard”.

If you click on “My Courses” it will take you directly to your courses page.

If you click on Dashboard, it will take you to your profile overview. To get to your courses, you would then need to click on the 3rd link to the right on “My Courses”.

After you have navigated to the “My Courses” section, you will find a list of your courses here. Click on the course that you would like to start/ resume/ look through.

Once you have done this, you will be presented with your course content.

Your Courses may have multiple lessons, in which you would lcick on that specific lesson to access the Course and therefore Lesson content.

No, the mark as complete section is there specifically for those who require a “Bookmark” facility to pickup from where they may have left off, when you are not completing the course in one sitting.

We have made it easy so if you are feeling confident, you can go directly to the final exam, foudn on the course content page, and complete the exam.