What is Tattoo Safe Register?

Tattoo Safe Register is the only official tattoo registration body for Tattoo businesses and Tattooist in the United Kingdom and EU By law all Tattoo businesses must be on the Tattoo Safe Register.

A Tattooist can only be aligned to a registered business and be issued with a license to undertake Tattoo work on behalf of a registered business if they hold a valid and current Tattoo Safe Certification . This evidence of competence relates only to matters of tattoo safety and is obtained by every tattooist through a recognised route of training and assessment (much as the DVLA issues driving licences to those who have demonstrated their competence by passing a driving test).

Registration is only given on the basis of the business having all staff members to have tattoo safe certification.

The Register is not a membership body or trade association.

The Register (and all services associated with it) is alongside the relevant Health and Safety Authority for each region in which it operates.

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