What is Tattoo Safe Register?

The Tattoo Safe Register operates a voluntary registration scheme for Tattooists and Piercers in the United Kingdom.

Tattoo Safe registration requires (beside payment of fees) that tattooists and piercers hold a certificate of competence under the Tattoo Safe Accreditation Scheme (TSAS) demonstrating an appropriate level of competence and experience in their respective field. The TSAS was introduced to create a standard of teaching and knowledge of what is required for competency.

A Tattooist can only be aligned to a registered business and be issued with a license to undertake Tattoo work on behalf of a registered business if they hold a valid and current Tattoo Safe Certification . This evidence of competence relates only to matters of tattoo safety and is obtained by every tattooist through a recognised route of training and assessment (much as the DVLA issues driving licences to those who have demonstrated their competence by passing a driving test).


The Register (and all services associated with it) is alongside the relevant Health and Safety Authority for each region in which it operates.

March 2017
York Tattooist Puts lives at Risk
AN unqualified tattooist put lives at risk at his illegal tattoo salon in his home, York magistrates said.
June 2018
Tattoo Safe Register Founded
Tattoo Safe Register was founded as a direct result of numerous reports of an increase in illegal tattooing. Registration was voluntary.
February 2019
Tattoo Safe Accreditation (TSAS)
Tattoo Safe Register, along with experts within the heath and safety industry, created a standardised test for all those in the tattoo and piercing industry. Practitioners would obtain a certificate under the Tattoo Safe Accreditation Scheme (TSAS).
June 2020
Tattoo Safe Register Website
A website with a directory was created for the public to find tattooists and piercers who are accredited under the TSAS.